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Executive Director

Dana Point Chamber of Commerce
Job Description
POSITION: Executive Director
REPORTS TO: Board of Directors
GENERAL FUNCTION: The Chamber Executive Director coordinates and implements the many activities of the Chamber of Commerce, working under board policy guidelines of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee. He or she coordinates/delegates the activities of many councils, committees and task forces and supervises the work of the staff of these various entities in the pursuit of the Chamber's objectives. As the chief staff officer, he or she may be called upon to represent the Chamber Board of Directors and Officers in contact with the membership, with outside individuals, public agencies and officials, various organizations and groups, and with the general public, all requiring judgment and tact to foster good community/chamber relations. The Executive Director reports to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.
SPECIFIC DUTIES: Within the limits of the bylaws of the Chamber and policies established by the Board of Directors, the Executive Director shall with appropriate delegation:
  1. Responsible for the management of the Chamber of Commerce initiatives, events,  activities and implementing the Chamber’s mission statement.
  2. Establish the organizational structure for the office and the related staffing structure.
  3. Establish administrative policies and procedures for office functions.
  4. Recruit, hire, and train staff, and administer an effective personnel program, which includes job descriptions, performance standards, performance appraisals, and salary administration.
  5. Develop and supervise an effective program of work.
  1. In concert with the Board of Directors, develops and maintains a strategic planning program that clearly communicates the Chambers mission to the membership and the public and continuously addresses the crucial issues that face the corporation.
  2. Develop and maintain an effective communications program responsive to the needs of the Chamber.
  3. Organize and conduct an annual meeting consistent with the objectives of the Chamber.
  4. Provide all necessary information and materials to the Chamber and informs the Board, elected officials, and membership on appropriate issues.
  5. Maintains effective internal and external public relations.
  6. Serves as spokesperson for the Chamber in conjunction with the Chairman of the Board.
  7. Manage the finances of the Chamber, including the preparation of an annual budget and long-range forecasts of needs.
  8. Maintain the legal integrity of the Chamber.
  9. Plan and coordinate meetings of the Board of Directors of the Chamber.
  10. Provide written monthly reports to the Board of Directors along with recommendations.
  11. Monitor and assist committees of the Board.
  12. Identify critical issues that may impact the Chamber and Chamber members.
  13. Produce and manage the Dana Point Turkey Trot and other chamber events as applicable.
Performs other related duties as assigned
  • Strong working knowledge of the chamber of commerce or similar industry to include the principles of volunteer management, program administration and strategic planning.
  • Considerable knowledge and use of leadership skills at several levels for the management and supervision of all aspects of the organization’s activities
  • Considerable working knowledge of accounting and finance as they relate to the fiscal and financial obligations of the organization, internal accounting controls and financial analysis of revenues and expenditures.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to direct, supervise, and delegate work activity.
  • Possess general knowledge of business practices, operations and needs.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the Board of Directors, employees, committees, governmental units, civic groups, and the general public.
  • Knowledge of state and local government operations, including the various legislative processes.
  • Ability to review and critically appraise program proposals and other complex issues.
  • Demonstrates a sense of vision for the mission of the Dana Point Chamber of Commerce.
Benefits include health, education and monthly car allowance.  Retirement benefits after 1 year of service.  Salary range $70,000 to $80,000.
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